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Five months postpartum

I don’t have anything but positive things to say even more about my decision to become a surrogate. I learn more and more each month how much my life has changed forever and I now have this very unique and special tie to this family I helped create. They continue to send me pictures and updates on a weekly basis. My family was very involved in my surrogacy and several of my friends and family sent baby Benjamin gifts after he was born. I also gave them the majority of baby items we had so that it would go to a good home. I get constant updates on how grateful they are to have an item (I.e. swing, bouncer, rocker, boppy, etc.) Also all of my family and friends received thank you notes after he was born and both my Mother and Mother-in-law are still apart of the Mom’s life. My Mom just received a Christmas card today with Benjamin’s Mom writing her a personal note and stating that she wants to meet her the next time she comes here to visit me (IM and I both live in California- my parents/family lives all over the Midwest). My mother cried when she got that note. It’s so touching to know that we can all still be apart of their lives and that they think highly enough of us that they want not just me but also my family in their lives. They are just another add on to my already amazing family. My life will forever be filled with love from this experience.

Three months postpartum - Oct 29th, 2013

Still feeling great about the whole experience. I’ve lost all pregnancy weight plus an additional 21 pounds! That’s a complete loss of 37 pounds. I’m pretty proud of my progress, especially with this having been my third pregnancy.

I still get regular updates on Benjamin and I will seeing him this Friday for the first time since he was born. I’m really excited!

The only downfall is that I still have big bruises on my butt from the shots and what I believe are broken blood vessels. Still a little sensitive and numb in that area too. Apparently that is normal though. It’s been almost a year since I started those shots so that seems odd that I still have that.

Everything else continues to go great!

2 months postpartum

Everything is going great! Not sure that there is much left to say about this journey but that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I get updates and pictures from the parents weekly. We are going to see Benjamin for the first time since he was born next weekend. Everyone is interested to see how he reacts- if he knows my voice or responds differently.
As far as my recovery, emotionally I feel fine. Physically, I can definitely tell it’s my third pregnancy and have to work WAY harder to get back into shape. But I’m dedicated and working hard.
I’m still bummed about the window on my uterus and the whole “you shouldn’t get pregnant again” bit. It’s one thing to decide yourself that you’re done having kids but for someone to decide that for you makes it frustrating. It’s also a risk I knew I was taking with having had multiple c sections so I can’t be too upset. Just something that bothers me every once in awhile.

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